Thursday, December 3, 2009

November Story Time Yoga Workshop Review

Erin is the most fantastic yoga teacher in NY. Period... But you probably already knew that from our first story time yoga session with Erin. She brought her brand of interactive kiddie-yoga to both of our City Island and Williamsburg library branches last month and lead the GAK kids through an exhilarating, active, stretching and balancing routine.

"Are you ready to go on an adventure?" Erin asked her eager students. "What animals do you think we'll see?" As the Green Apple Kids named their favorite animals (domesticated or wild, land living or ocean dwelling) Erin quickly bent into the corresponding yoga pose and the flexible young yogis followed suit.

Each session included the sun salutation song, a few stories about animals, yoga pose freeze dance, lots of freeform movement and a relaxing wind-down. Ahhh...

We can't wait to have Erin back.

Erin and the kids strike a pose

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