Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 7th Workshop Review

“Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle.” And ride they did. First the Green Apple Kids rode indoors – a treat facilitated by the fact that the library loaned us their large auditorium room for this workshop – then they had a blast riding outdoors on an unusually warm March afternoon. But first Will, of NYCBikes, instructed kids and parents on a bit of Bike 101.

After introducing himself, Will read the book 'Duck On A Bike' to a humored audience. He then ran through important tips for kids. “The most important part of a bike is not on the bike, it’s your…” asked Will. To which the Green Apple Kids responded, “Hemet!” Will also had tips for parents, “Keep tiny fingers away from the gears,” (see pic below) and “Always keep tires properly inflated."

After instruction on how to remove, mend and inflate an inner tube, Will introduced the Green Apple Kids to his favorite childhood bike accessory: the safety flag. Safety flags are especially important in metropolitan neighborhoods where kids share play space with busy motorists. The Green Apple Kids, grouped at a long communal table, got the chance to create their very own flags using recycled fabric (triangles cut from old canvas totes and t-shirts), bamboo stakes and crushed bits of unused crayons.

After creating their playful, but practical flags, there was only one logical thing left to do… Have a bike parade! Check out photos and bike parade video below. And also remember, biking is not only fun, it’s a mode of transportation that is healthy for both you and the planet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Presenter for March 7th

Will the shop owner of local bike shop, NYC Bikes, is our presenter for March 7th. We will be learning about bike safety, making our own safety flags from recycled materials and ending our workshop with a safety bike parade around the library.

Will says, "We are city cyclists building city bikes made to throw over your shoulder for that four floor walk-up, made for the abuse of potholes and that big fat chain..."

"You wanna know how to change a flat? We'll teach you. Don't want your hands greasy? We'll do it for you. You got no more excuses, so... Ride damnit, ride."

Don't forget to bring your bikes and get ready to ride (safely)!