Friday, October 2, 2009

The New Calendar (and our recycled 'chipboard' flyers)

BX SEP.12 // BK SEP.19 - Green Market workshop with Sarah Poten from cenyc.

BX OCT.03 // BK OCT.17 - NY Audubon will exlpore the birds of City Island, and the GAK founders will have kids dig into their home-made vermicomposts (worm bins).

BX NOV.07 // BK NOV.21 - Family Yoga with Erin! *this class will begin at 1PM

BX DEC.05 // BK DEC.19 - Get ready for the holidays with gifts made from recycled items.

BX JAN.09 // BK JAN.16 - Solar 1 will help kids build their dream solar race cars.

BX FEB.06 // FEB.20 - The Biobus visits and allows kids to have some hands-on experience with science of alternative fuels.