Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GAK: Good News, Bad News, Better News

Hello GAKers -

Green Apple Kids is entering into a very exciting phase of the organization. The news is so BIG that we've decided to break it into 3 easy bite-sized portions:

Green Apple Kids is adding to its weekend workshop format and, in January, will be launching a pilot program in the South Bronx at the Family Life Academy Charter School. This program will be in the from of enrichment after school programs for children in grades K through 6th. The program will put the Family Life Academy Charter School (and future participating schools in low-income neighborhoods) at the forefront of green community activism, seeing approximately 92% of students attending academically outperform their peers (according to a State Education and Environment Study).

Although the Family Life Academy Charter School is yet to secure a grant to support the project, the administrators see the value the GAK program would bring to their student and as such are acquiring funds from a very limited school budget. In order to get the program in place, and keep it free to all participants, certain frills had to cut, one of the most important being the intended dedicated training intended for the teachers and parent volunteers whose environmental knowledge is vital to the success of the program. It was suggested that this training be replaced by a mixture of on-the-job and at-home research training.

You can help the kids at the Family Life Academy Charter school get off to the best possible start by making a 'DONATION' to Green Apple Kids that will go directly towards the funding of the teacher training. The cost of the training comes to $2,400, and with your donations we are certain that we can make this happen. Any overflow funds will be used to reinstate the other cuts (such as in-season organic snacks and Earth-friendly supplies). It would be a great gift granted to very worthy kids this holiday season!

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