Friday, September 25, 2009

It’s So Yummy Being Green!

Happy Autumn Equinox GAKers, the new season has begun! ... And what a way to start. For our very first Green Apple Kids workshop in the Bronx, Sarah Poten from Green Markets brought along a few junior ambassadors and hosted a delectable outside presentation that incorporated many unusual selections from the Borough Hall, Brooklyn Farmers Market.

The kids present at the City Island Public Library put on their chef’s hats and chopped, shredded and julienned colorful vegetables in order to create a fabulous Rainbow Salad. A few of the unusual veggies included marble radishes, white corn and green tomatoes.

In Brooklyn Liza and Beatrice opened a similar kitchen in the Williamsburg Public Library where again kids sliced black radishes, diced celery root and prepped other more standard veggies ‘harvested’ from the McCarren Park Farmers Market. The resulting salad was too good to describe in words… We’ll let the pictures (below) do the talking.

Next Month: The early bird meets the worm when Audubon explores the birds of City Island (Oct. 3rd in the Bronx) and GAK explains how to create your own indoor worm bin (Oct. 17th in Brooklyn).



*special thanks to GAK parent Ilya for the great pictures