Monday, January 12, 2009

January 3rd Workshop Review

This was the last workshop in the eco-fabulous first season of Green Apple Kids, and what a fun time it was. After a brief introduction by Beatrice, Dez shared an improvised story with the kids during which they were asked to participate by naming various animals that live in the jungles of Africa. The parade of animals began with a gazelle, ended with an elephant, and besides turtles, cougars, lions, and tigers, even involved a T-Rex (a recycled version of the story will be posted shortly).

Next Beatrice and Liza demonstrated how to make recycled books and assisted the GAK kids in making their very own wordless creations. The items needed were rice glue, clippings from old magazines, rectangles cut from cereal or tissue paper boxes and a whole lot of imagination.

When the kids were done cutting and pasting, Beatrice and Liza bound their books together by sewing, gluing and using hole punches. And then came the big presentation. Our young storytellers joined Liza on the rug and presented their books and elaborate stories to an eager GAK audience.

Review the snapshots (by Manny) below and get ready for the next season at the Brooklyn Public Library Williamsburg Branch.

Dez and the GAK kids sharing a story

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