Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 4th Workshop Review

Tea Bag: a container of thin paper holding tea leaves.

Tee Bag: a fabric container made through the process of refashioning a tee shirt into a shopping bag.

Our last workshop was a stitchin’ good time. The question posed was, How can we recycle t-shirts? And Marge Mendel gave us a smart solution: tee bags. After talking through the process with Green Apple kids and parents, Marge set to work readying her sewing machine while the kids used recycled crayons to make patterns on old t-shirts of their choice. Some made stars, others made numbers and there were those whose abstractions could have passed for Pollock’s. After a parent carefully used a hot iron to make the designs permanent, Marge snipped and stitched and Whallah! fashionable ‘new’ bags for all. The library supplied books for each bag through the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program and every Green Apple Kid left with an organic green apple.

Below are the three simple steps it takes to create your own 'tee bag' at home:

Have a look at our pictures below of kids decorating and modeling their tee bags (there are lots of pics this week):

Presenter Marge Mendel modeling a tee bag.

Elzbieta Krawczuk explaining the RIF program.


Unha said...

looks like it was load of fun!

Heather - said...

What's the "Recycled crayon" technique?