Monday, October 27, 2008

Introducing Our November 1st Presenter...Ilya Korolev

Ilya Korolev was born in Moscow, Russia. As a child he was very curious about how things worked, and often took toys apart to see what was inside.

He studied in Moscow Architecture Institute (Russia), and Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn, NY. He is now currently working at Andrew Berman Architect. His current projects include NYPL Branch Libraries and Renovations/additions at PS1 Contemporary Art Center.

Ilya will be taking the Green Apple Kids families on a journey to a land made by children. The importance of sustainable structures will be the underlining theme while we create a city from our imagination by using, old milk and yogurt containers,toilet paper rolls, and other reusable objects that often go straight in to the trash. We will be turning these objects into houses and buildings, and these structures will then form a larger map of a land designed collaboratively by our very own green kids. This activity will engage children's and parent's understanding of urban living and challenge their thinking about their own environment.

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