Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 6th Workshop Review

All the kids who attended our recent workshop really dug it. And that’s not hippie surfer talk, they literally ‘dug’ into the day’s lesson. Presenters Beatrice and Liza educated the families on the smallest, but most important creatures in composting – tiny earthworms called Red Wrigglers.

After listening to a short reading on earth worms, each kid got a clump of composted material and got to work removing the tiny wrigglers from their hiding places. With the worms safely removed and placed in a hosting bin, each child then used a small planter – made from household recyclables – to deposit a pumpkin seed in the rich composted matter.

Many parents took home handouts on composting and a few even took home a some worms. Which means that at the core of many Green Apple homes, you might find a few worms… And that’s a good thing!

See our pictures and video below:

(Workshop presenters Beatrice and Liza)

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