Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Clothing Turns Into New Ideas

"Just because that old shirt you used to love is too threadbare to wear anymore doesn’t mean it has to end up in a landfill. According to the non-profit Institute for Local Self-Reliance, textiles make up about four percent of the weight and eight percent of the volume of all municipal solid waste in the U.S. "

If this is something you are concerned about you don't want to miss our next workshop with Marge Mendel. Many parents may struggle with their child's (or their own) overabundance of clothing. Unwanted presents you may feel guilty giving away, clothes that don't fit anymore or are too worn, or that shirt you just can't seem to let go of but never wear are all great reasons to recycle them. Whether it's handing them down to family and friends, donating them to a Goodwill, or using your crafty skills to make old clothes into something reusable, you're sending less to the landfill! So if you want to challenge your sewing skills with your children and at the same time teach them how to recycle their old clothes to help the earth, we should be seeing you on October 4th.

Interested in the percentage quote above? Read on...

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