Monday, November 17, 2008

Introducing December 6th presenter Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene grew up in the Bronx. She spent many many happy hours in the Public Library as a child, and is thrilled to be working with children in the library now.

Jenny is an astronomer by trade, she spends her days (and nights)observing the sky. In particular she studies black holes, objects so massive and so compact that not even light can escape their gravitational pull. She loves to look through telescopes in Chile to study the sky, because there is a beautiful view of the Milky Way our galaxy.

When she is not working, Jenny teaches algebra in New Jersey prisons. This has taught her that learning is a very powerful force of empowerment, and has emphasized even more strongly how important programs like Green Apple Kids are for our children and society in general.

For Jenny, studying astronomy is a way to understand where we all came from, and because the Universe is just so magnificent and strange. In this Green Apple Kids workshop, we will focus on the wonders of our planet Earth. We will see how lucky we are to have our natural resources, in particularly, water. In contrast our next-door neighbor, Mars, is not so hospitable to life. We will think about ways to preserve our precious resources on this planet, as well as ways to adapt life to more extreme environments.

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