Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 2nd Workshop Review

The latest workshop, hosted by artist Jessica Findley, was all stop-and-go and stop-and-go, and... Well, it went on like that for awhile. But it was all part of the fun as the day's exercise was Stop-Motion Animation.

While individual kids took turns directing and positioning the cast (toys brought from home) of a group stop-motion film, others worked individually on flip books using cut-out shapes from recycled newspapers, magazines and gift bags. It was amazing to witness the creativity kids can exhibit when allowed to express themselves constructively and freely.

At the end of the class guests young and young at heart gathered around Jessica's laptop for the screening of the Green Apple Kids' masterpiece. Watch out PIXAR, young directors grow in Brooklyn.

Here are some pictures from the workshop:

(Presenter Jessica Findley Directing the Green Apple Directors)

(Making Flip-books)

(Making the Film)

Here is a short film made using the technique Jessica taught in the workshop (due to a technical glitch, Jessica's computer crashed before the original film could be saved):

To make your own stop-motion films at home, Jessica recommends iStopMotion (a trial version is available for download from


jessmess said...

That's a great animation!

Sorry about my computer problems. Here is another animation I just made witht he kids at the summer camp I am working at Beam Camp:

Management said...

Good job! oh, we're not suppose to say "good job"...ok Nice work! oh we're not suppose to say "nice" either. Ok more specific right...I noticed that you really made that dinosaur work for you by sorting your trash..."AWESOME!"