Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 7th Workshop Review

Our latest workshop with Karma Kids Yoga was a hoot! (and a hiss! and a squeak! and a woof!) It wasn’t a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for our young yogis to identify the friendly animals in the wonderful book read by Iana and then fold into their corresponding yoga poses demonstrated by Erin.

This was the inaugural workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library Williamsburg Branch. Everyone was impressed with the abundance of space and natural light. The children’s librarian, Chrissie, was a real trooper, showing up to offer assistance despite feeling a bit under the weather.

The GAK kids present were a mix of new faces and Leonard Branch alumni. After greeting and singing the warm-up song, the Karma Kids Yoga instructors took the children through a varied story-time routine that included sing-alongs, stretches, kid-friendly asanas and even a downward dog tunnel constructed of willing parents.

Through the process of getting in touch with their bodies (and the support they relied on from the immediate environment), the observation of varied elements during still time and engaging their minds in a routine that was new and different, the kids strengthen their individual relationships with the earth.

We’ve included a video clip of the Green Apple Kids YoGAK! session below. We hope to have Erin and Iana return to take keep our little ones limber and their minds thinking green.